Having a dog in your house is one of the best ways to keep positive energy flowing in the house as the dogs are very playful creatures who can constantly make you go awestruck with their cute acts. Every dog has an identity, while there are some who are a little sober, there are some who are very energetic and always up to something.

Many dog owners are always ready with their smartphones in order to click their dogs whenever they indulge in fun activity because they don’t want to miss the chance of capturing their dog’s photo when they create a special or awesome moment.

The good thing is that nowadays the dog owners also post these photos on the social media platforms which help some other people like us in cheering up our mood as well.

Here are 15 funny dog photos which will instantly bring smile on your face:

  1. What should we call this dog – a dog with a unique hairstyle or a banana dog?
  2. Nobody to dine with, well you already have the best pal to have meals with:
  3. Dogs have a great ability of smelling and this dog has smelled the chips kept in the backseat of the car:
  4. Never ever underestimate the brain power of a dog, this guy had no idea as to who he has challenged:
  5. Style of a shark, cuteness of a dolphin, dog win the hearts:
  6. Awww, waiting for the owner:
  7. Now this is an awesome bed for the furry friend, what do you say?
  8. This dog seems to have some straight from Star Wars:
  9. This little dog is an epitome of cuteness:  
  10. You may have seen ice-cream melting but here the dog is also melting, just kidding:
  11. This dog judges everyone and he must have his own opinions:
  12. Sitting, standing and lying, all three things at the same time, highly talented:
  13. This is what happens when a dog gets a head massage:
  14. Getting reminded of a meme?
  15. This airport dog confiscated a passenger’s ball but refuses to return, every dog owner understand why he is doing this:

Ufff…..I just loved all the photos, what about you?

Image Source: Bored Panda