There is no denying the fact that dogs are one of the most beautiful creations of the God and they not only serve humans as pets but as friends as well. A dog can make you feel in love with him with just one look because they are cute, loveable and naughty as well. However, not just this, nowadays dogs are trained for various purposes such police dog, military dog, therapy dog, medical assistance dog, disability dog, etc.

Mostly the dogs of Labrador, Retreiver and German Sheperd breeds are employed for these purposes and the smelling capability of service dogs is 50 times more than the humans which help them sniffing out those objects which police, military or any other department wants them to find out.

Every new employee is a given a new vest which helps people in recognizing them and let people know that they are doing their duty. Their training starts from a very early age and today we will show you photos of 17 cute puppies who have just started going to office:

1. Tuco wearing the vest for the first time:

2. Cute puppy guide dog cuddling with his teddy bear:

3. Cuteness overloaded:

4. This happens after wearing a harness:

5. First day at office:

6. All set for the job:

7. Vest is quite big for this new employee:

8. A happy dog at work:

9. He is in a hurry to love driving:

10. The puppy posing on the patrol car:

11. The Great Manchester Police puppy:

12. The newest recruit of Sheriff K9 department:

13. Just 7 weeks old but he has the swag:

14. The puppy wants to sleep after a tiring schedule:

15. Education is very important:

16. The puppy slept and the officers kept cones near him so that no one disturbs him:

17. Had a tough day at work:

Aren’t they lovely?