The king of Thailand rescued near about 15 Great Danes in a severe starvation condition from a breeding farm.



The incident occurred in central Thailand were authorities found an abandoned breeding farm which left 13 Great Danes left for starving till death. The dogs were in a very pity condition looking like a skeleton. When the authorities arrived a female dog and its two pups were already died.



The owner of the farm was in debt and left the dog few weeks back, giving excuse that he is unable to feed them. The dogs were left inside the cage, and they had got so week that some of them were not able to stand. The dogs were loaded in van and sent to the near veterinarian for further treatment.



After proper examination the dogs were fed for the first time since week. The dogs were heavily malnutrition. but thanks to the king of Thailand King Rama X who adopted the dogs and covered all the expenses for proper recovery of the dogs, All the costs of treatment, food and whatever needed to the dogs were fetched by the king.



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