The service dogs are of great help to the specially-abled, veterans with physical restrictions, etc, but the bond between Juliet, the golden retriever (4 months old) and 6-yr old Memphis Rose is just awesome.

Memphis Rose stuck a tragedy on June 7 when she was travelling with her grandmother Tanya Meade and uncle Kenneth Graden in a car and they met an accident near Wellington, western Palm Beach County. While Kenneth Graden died on the spot, Tanya’s knee got shattered and Memphis Rose’s lung got punctured and her neck and spine got fractured.

Memphis’s mother, Gayrene Meade told a magazine that her daughter went into cardiac arrest and wasn’t able to breathe for almost two and an half minutes. She further said that luckily there was a medical expert who gave CPR to her daughter until she was admitted in St. Mary’s Medical Center. Gayrene further said that as per the doctors it will be very difficult to recover completely from spinal injury for Memphis.

Talking about first interaction of Memphis and Juliet, Gayrene stated that her daughter was very happy to meet Juliet as she wants to become a veterinary doctor and loves dogs. Gayrene said that Memphis had the biggest ever smile on her face after meeting Juliet especially after knowing that Juliet is undergoing training of becoming service dog  and it was a great and a magical moment after the devastating period.

Sine their first meeting, Memphis and Juliet have met 3-4 times and their bond is certainly getting stronger and stronger with each meeting and here is the video in which you see a glimpse of strong bonding of Memphis and Juliet.

It won’t be wrong to say that Juliet has brought happiness in life of Memphis and we wish the 6-yr old a speedy recovery.

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