A 9-week pregnant dog Natauji, gave birth to 14 cute puppies in front of our home. She found our house safe to welcome her babies.

How can people abandon a pregnant dog, its disgusting that some people do this to their pet. But by God grace she finally found us to bring her cute cute babies in this world and found her forever home and family within us.

During this Christmas eve the mother dog was drooling in front of our house, barely able to walk and was terrified. Amor Pates found her and it a little while to calm her. Her owner left her, may be unable to handle the delivery situation.

When she saw some volunteers approaching, she got terrified and used her all energy to keep them away as a protective measure for her safety. But in a while, she got relaxed sensing that they were there to protect her and take care of her.

Then the diagnosis started, and it was found that she is a mother of may be 14-15 babies. They gave her medication to calm her down and prepare for delivery the next day.

Ultrasound was done to ensure everything was in right condition inside her belly. Then she was shifted to the shelter with all the aids required for the safe deliveries of the babies. which was a success the next day.

Natauji became proud mother of 14- adorable puppies. Babies along with her mother were taken to the vet for a short check-up. Some tests were conducted, puppies were weighed, and all were in good shape.

All went well, she lives happily with her 14- puppies around her. At last she found her home with us.

We seek all of yours blessing, God bless all who helped her with the pregnancy. The puppies are all healthy and happy due to your all support.