A rare 27 kg Stingray fish was caught by a group of fishermen off the coast of small island of Indian Ocean. It was a very hard catch by the fisherman as it took around 45 minutes of hard work to catch it.



The fisherman was out on a regular catch inside the ocean where they suddenly felt a tug on their fishing line. They knew that something big has been trapped. But to their disbelief it was a huge stingray of massive size. They had to struggle a lot to pull their line but ultimately had their catch.


CaмƄodian catches world's largest recorded freshwater fish - The Japan News


A 661-pound (300 kilos) giant freshwater stingray caught and released near a reмote island in the Mekong Riʋer is largest freshwater fish in the world. Photo courtesy Wonder of the Mekong and Uniʋersity of Neʋada, Reno.


It was celebration down the fishing community as they had never been close to this size of stingray. It was boon for the marine scientist as well, now they can study it for better understanding of its behavior and habitat.



Stingrays are generally found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. Their body structure is unique with flat and diamond shaped body with long whip like tails. They are harmless creature but when provoke they can be lethal with their stingers located at the base of their tale.


Stingray Found in CaмƄodia Sets Record for World's Largest Freshwater Fish | Sмart News| Sмithsonian Magazine


They are food for larger fish like sharks. They are bottom dwelling fish which feeds upon small mollusks and small crustaceans.

The ocean today has become the victim of overfishing and it’s the need of today time to conserve our ocean and keep this animal from extinction.