While snakes are fascinating to watch from a safe distance it possesses potential hazard when it is located in one’s house.


The owner of the house had a terrifying day when he spots a large snake slithering on his roof. It is clearly shown in the footage that the snake is a python and is as big as three meters.



The incident happened in Gold Coast, Australia where a man Robbie was out in his barn and saw a python on his property and often comes out to say hello.



When he first spotted it on his backyard, Mr. Robbie was surprised to see the speed at which it climbed the walls. He mentioned that it was bit shocking to know that a snake can climb up in such a fast speed and in 5 minutes it climbed up the roof and it scared a whole lot of me.



He also mentions that if his wife would have seen this then she would have never come out to dry the wash outside. Initially I was scared of that mighty beast but gradually it began a daily routine to watch the snake hang out on the roof. Soon I came to know it’s a harmless creature and I became fond of it. Now neither do I trouble it nor does the snake troubles me.