The world is full of surprises, it is just that we need to explore it and the more we explore it we will come across many unusual, beautiful, unbelievable and shocking things. Though we know a lot about wildlife, thanks to those few channels who are totally dedicated towards wildlife and animals but there are still many such wonders which are unknown to us and when we get to witness something unbelievable, it is then we get to understand that there is a lot which we don’t know.

White Phoenix

Presently, the social media users are busy talking about the images of a beautiful white bird which are getting viral on the internet.

It all started few days back when a very beautiful white bird flying in air was seen by a tourist suddenly when he was trying to climb a mountain in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China. The tourist didn’t delayed for a second and took the photos of that bird, however he got a little perplexed as the image of the bird was quite similar of the image of white phoenix which is mostly heard in the stories.

The bird has a long white tail and the manner in which it was flapping its wings and flying in the air, it was no-less than a magic and elegance is the word which perfectly suits if we have to talk about the posture of the bird when it was in air.

The tourist posted the photos on the social media platforms and soon people went crazy over the photos as they were not able to believe that white phoenix is a reality.

As more and more people started talking about these images, the researchers and scientists also joined the bandwagon and the majority of them suggested that it must be the white pheasant, a stunning bird which is a rare animal and belongs to the second level of protection in the list of protected wildlife. This bird is usually found in subtropical evergreen broadleaf forests that are below 2,000 meters above sea level.

White Pheasant

The white pheasant is also called as fairy of the forest and it is termed as precious bird since old times.

The famous Chinese poet, Li Bai of Tang dynasty has once written a five-language poem in which he expressed his love for the bird.

Isn’t white pheasant beautiful, what do you think, has the tourist clicked white pheasant or the legendary white phoenix, do let us know?

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