It was unexpected for the fisherman who have never been in life seen this kind of bizarre fish. They were very terrified when they first saw it. It looked like a mix breed of fish and a tiger.



The fish looked very strange. The Fisherman was in total disbelief that what it has caught.



They took some pics and footage and released it to social media which immediately went viral.



The fish was monstrous with three feet long body of a fish and head and claw that resembles tiger. Experts believe that this due to mutation occurred due to poisoning of river by industrial pollution.



The industrial pollution of river has become a topic of debate among scientist and environmentalist as it is causing lot of harm to aquatic animals and causing disbalance in the ecosystem.



Even the Fishermans are complaining about the health of river and the amount of pollutant discharged into river by industries and city.



People are raising concern on topic like water pollution specially the rivers from where they gather food which indirectly causing harm. Not only the water pollution is causing river duty and unfit for aquatic animals but also causing harm to human. The issue is very important and should be address on urgent basis.



There is no other option but to immediately take action on cause of pollution and maintain our environment healthy for life to exist.