Nugget was rescued at just one moth of age. He was left at place with scarcity of food and water. He was living a life of hell in an unhealthy condition and worst part was that he got his eye infected.

Once he was spotted by a kindhearted woman who brought him in and took care and conditioned him. She even made a social media account to raise awareness about him which generated a lot of attention.



Here is the story of Nugget’s life before and after rescue as described by Nugget’s mom. Here is the interview we got from Nugget’s mom:

How did you find Nugget?

I spotted Nugget at 1 month of age with his siblings in slum area where nobody was concerned of them. The kittens were in very bad shape mainly Nuggets eyes were raptured, and his siblings had infected their eyes.



What was your first impression looking after Nugget?

Nugget was like fearless cat with very loving and adventurous nature. He loves exploring things. He didn’t knew of his blindness but his hearing capability was much better than his siblings. He is a great sniffer and to move he runs behind his siblings as they are his navigator.



How did you come with this name and any nick name for him?

He was the tiniest among all and i find him very precious like a gem or something. The name came to my mind as I considered him a precious being as gold nugget. Hence the name. I often call him with lots of nick names like Nug, Nugster, Nuggy, Honey.

Do you have any other pet for him to company?

I do have some other cats, but they maintain distance from them. Although he lives with the company of his own siblings, Vincent and Goldie.



Anything special about Nugget that people should know?

I had made a page on him so that people can know about him. Right now, he is 4 months old doing very good. Next week I am going to take him to vets for checkup to find out whether he can keep his eyes or not. Through his page i want let people know how a blind cat can lead his life and do so well which can inspire lot of people.




Thank You.