Max was found roaming around the street when first picked by an animal control officer. His life changed in the shelter as he got proper food and care out there. Max was a sweet and gentle dog but was very fearful in presence of unknown people.



Max got a perfect care what he needed at the care center. He was first taught to be socialize. The staffs tried their best to make Max socialize and overcome his fear. He was taken for walk outside and introduced to different dogs for a new kind of experience.



Now he was ready for adoption. He first met his owner and was little hesitant but with some encouragement he overcome his fear and entered his new home and a new world.


The owner captured the moment in camera when Max first enters the home which went viral in social media and loved by many dog lovers around the world. The Max’s journey from a fearful and hesitant dog to a brave and resilience dog had inspired many.