No one likes to adopt deformed pet from shelter. The same happened to this puppy named Lisa in shelter. Many people came to adopt dogs, but Lisa was never in their choice list due to her deformed face. But one day she got lucky.



When Lisa was 10 weeks old, she was taken to Human Society of Silicon Valley with many scars on her face and inflamed eyelid. The staff of Human Society were unsure of Lisa will find any home.



It was one fine day when Christine Dobar and family came to visit Human Society for adopting pet. The moment they saw Lisa They got fond of her and instantly made decision to adopt her.



Her daughter was so curious to take Lisa home that she got nervous of thought that someone might take her.



The family had seen many dogs, but no one matched Lisa’s personality and cuteness. They took Lisa same day and renamed her “Lucky”.



Lucky was destined to get a loving family which she deserved.



Christine family took good care of Lucky and both complemented each other with love.



No one knew that Lisa will get a family but destiny had other plans for Lisa.