Cow in animal kingdom is considered as gentle and docile creature. But this cow is so enormous that it seems even bigger than a car. In this article you will get to know about the biggest and heaviest cattle in the world and its world around it.


This cow goes by a name Chianina is a breed of cattle from Italy. This breed is known for its massive size and muscular build. Its male counterpart weighs up to 3,500 pounds and six feet tall. In comparison it is as heavy as small car taller than an average human.


Its very impressive to know that this docile giant animal is not just big but also very strong. Their strength is exploited by humans through centuries as a working animal in crop field and transportation. It is an agricultural animal which can work tirelessly in field.


These animals are robust in nature and can work in field and even help in heavy work were strength is used. They are used in dairy farming providing milk to millions of populations in the world. They can even survive in any climate i.e. in hot and dry regions to cold regions.