This cute incident happened in rural area of Sydney, Australia. When Lisa, a very caring lady heard some meow sound from her garden she immediately went out in curiosity. There she found two cute newborn kittens who were very fond with each other.

Both of them were underweight and looking hungry. Lisa went in brought some food and fed them. Watching closely, she found that there was something very unique about this twin boys.

Suddenly she realized that there is some problem with their eyes as their body action was not in sync. This made her heart heavy, and she decided to take her to vet. In the way she named two of them as Stevi and Isaac.

After thorough investigation by the doctor, it was found that they are born with eye disease. The doctor explained that their eyelids are distorted causing their eyelashes to curl inwards causing damage to pupil.

The cats were unaware of the problem they are facing and behaving naturally like any other kitten which made them more adorable. Unfortunately, the doctors decided to go with eye operation to remove the blind eyes as they were prone to infection.

Isaac was lucky as its one eyes can be preserved by a minor operation.

The team of doctors did tremendous job, and the surgery was successful. It didn’t take much time to recover from surgery. Two of them were back to their normal life within 24 hours.

Among two of them Stevi was completely blind and was always glued around his brother Isaac. He always seeks help of Isaac whenever he finds himself alone or in fear. Isaac was a good brother who was always there for his Stevi and always pampers him.

Lisa always took care of them as a mother. Within two years they have adjusted with the surrounding and adores their loving family.