It’s a very emotional story about a man’s love for his ill dog and the character that the vet showed.

Sometimes people suffer due to lack of money and in this case, man and dog both were in receiving end due to lack of money. The man reached hospital having tears in his eyes with his ill dog with no money in hand. The treatment was very expensive which made him dejected.


The elderly man was continuously stroking his dog with soft hand and sobbing softly. The doctors and official staffs were all present there and watching the emotional situation unfolding.



The tears were natural as was seen by everyone out there. This made the doctors remember the incident that happened the other day when a man came with his unconscious dog. After examination it was found that the dog had internal infection which was spreading so immediate treatment was necessary.


The treatment was expensive which the man was not able to afford. So the team of doctors decided the alternative. They suggested that the dog can be given some medication and it will make him sleep forever. This will be very peaceful way as the infection was going to kill him anyhow and with much pain.

The man left the clinic with his dog without treatment and came back after 3 days with some money to make the dog sleep forever with medication.

The doctors concluded from this incident that some people have money but don’t value the life of their pet. But in this case, it was different. The old man was genuinely short of money and was sobbing as he was going to lose his dog.



The doctors could not bear pain in the old man’s true feelings and approached the man and conveyed that his dog will be treated without money. They will bear all the expenses.

This brought some light in the old man’s eyes, and he felt relieved that his dog will now live.

In few days with proper treatment the dog was able to recover. This brought satisfactory feelings in doctors for their deed.

This small act of mankind brought hope in many. They believed the elder and his dog is alive today.