The incident happened last year when a very kindhearted man found two kittens hiding under a raised walkway. When he first saw them, the cats were very frightened and barely moved even he pampered them to come out.

He was a reddit user goes by the name TDX, when he first spotted the two brothers, they were all huddled among them and were very frightened.

It was by luck that the man was a volunteer in a Cat Cuddle Cafe Brisbane, a rescue group in Brisbane Australia. So he was expert in rescuing cats, so he set trap near the walkway and within a short period was able to get both the kitten safely.

The kittens were frightened of him and in response to defense they even spit and hiss on him. It seems that they were never had human contact earlier, but now this was going to change.

He mentioned that “his afternoon was spent on taming name and rest of the time went loving the”.

The ginger boys started mingling with human friend and slowly learned how to give back love.

As he was an expert in cat rescue team so he knew how to make them acquainted with human. One of the methods used by the rescuer is to give ‘Forced Cuddle’. In this method if the cat is fearful, they should be taken in lap and should be cuddle for long time few times a day.

Eventually this makes the cat realize that cuddle is not a bad thing.

They were named Hunter and Zissou. One of their best time pass was that whenever the laundry bag got filled up, they start hopping in it and play together.

Both are grownup now. The two brothers remained with each other since they were found together.