Roku, a cute kitten without Mom was rescued form street with his siblings by a TNR rescuer but only the lucky Roku survived.



Roku was picked by Shelby Thorpe, founder of Shelby Kitten Safehouse in Oregon when came to know about the kitten’s misfortune. The kitten was in good shape and had eye infection and fleas.

Shelby gave the name Roku as he was somewhat the size of Roku remote.



Based on his teeth development it was estimated that Roku is around 4 weeks old but in actual appearance he looks not more than 2 weeks old. He seemed very small but the energy he posed was incredible.

Shelby mentioned that the cat had a voracious appetite and used to meow very loudly for few days. The only time he was normal when he was near the cat or in his lap.



Roku was unsettled for few days. He needed constant companionship and if she doesn’t get that, he screams and cry very loudly. So, Shelby was always there for him.

Roku was getting all the love and pamper he needed. Shelby was there to provide him with all the comfort. He set up a cozy bed for him with soft blanket so he can get comfortable sleep.



With all the care and attention Roku was totally transformed into a new kitten. His eyes got cleared from infection and now he looks healthier and more active. he was enjoying the soft toys in his crib, but he feels happier in Shelby’s lap.

Shelby knew that he needed other kittens to play with so introduced few other foster kittens.



Roku was very playful kitty who always wanted to jump over Shelby and play on his hands and lap. Other than jumping and sliding he loves to rub his face against people and scratching and loves very much being with his new little siblings.