A new species of snake was found in Brazil river with so many mysterious characteristics.



It looks very ugly not bit charmer. The snake goes by the name Atretochoana Eiselts which found by a group of engineers who were given the task of emptying the dam on a tributary of river Amazon.



The biologist who was also present found the snake in a pack of six approx. a meter long in the bottom of the river. It was discovered some time six month ago and it took so long to give the name to the newly discovered species. Biologically the creature is close to salamander and frog, but it appears more like a snake.

The Biologist mentioned that out of six, three were released back to the water one was kept for research work and rest scummed.



They are not reptiles like snake but are mainly related to frog and salamander. The biologist even mentioned that it breathes through its moist skin and feed upon small fish and worms. It clearly shows that Amazon has still lot to offer.