Some pics of a cat nibbling her owners ear went viral on social media. The pics are so adorable to watch which strikes the right chord of people’s heart.



The cat seen in the pic is cute with orange fur and blue eyes. She is seen give continuous peck on the ears of a man. The cat is pocket size smaller than the man’s head and gnawing the man’s ear with her tiny little paws.



The cat forms a habit of nibbling to stimulate its mama’s milk and the same she is doing with the man. the man is enjoying the moment as seen in the pic.



Pinky tried her best to convey the man that she needs milk but dejected and moved away to clean her paws. The incident was watched by another man who was filming couldn’t control his laughter watching the cuteness of the little cat.



How adorable! The chemistry between the man and the kitten was very lovable and it made us love this pics more.