The puppy was discovered by a team of dog rescue groups who found her in a very weak form on the ground according to Pow Show. from there Tipsy new life began.

Tipsy began to walk at the mere age of 2 weeks with no flaws at that time. There seemed no symptoms of any congenital spinal problem faced by Tipsy to the rescue team.

She was growing at a very speed pace without any health issue. She even started her meaty food when she was 3 weeks old.

Her locomotion was good, moving here and there, playing was her daily routine. But worst days were nearing without ringing any bell. Now she is unable to move properly, sometimes she moved forcefully dragging her back legs which seemed very painful to her. At that time the rescue team got to that there is some serious issue with Tipsy.

Firstly, they started to provide some physical therapy and some exercises to cure her but in vain they decided to give a visit to neurologist.

So they did some testing and according to radiograph report, Tipsy suffered some sort of spinal fracture or luxation. In X-Ray report the patient’s spine’s T-spine area exhibited loss of vertebral bodies and bone density.

According to rescue team they never observed any symptoms of trauma that would have caused the fracture nor did Tipsy displayed any of sign of severe pain. According to doctor, she could have easily got this gradually without going through much pain because this is a congenital disease.

The only cure was to give physical therapy, so the rescue team took care of that and gradually she was improving. Nothing can stop her in this world as she had the support, and she is the most determined dog in the world.

She was moved to a foster home and they had brought her this far, 7 weeks old and is already able to run a little bit.

Few days earlier she got acupuncture session which made her relax and sleep better for few hours.

At nine-week-old, she got her first wheelchair. Initially she had trouble utilizing it but gradually with practice, she started to hang on it.

Around her 16 weeks of age, she was able to play with her fellow dogs and wheeled around the field. She loved playing with her friends and the other dogs too.

She is growing older, but still, she is one of the happiest pups in the world.