In general people prefer to adopt pet at younger age, but this family choose other way round by adopting a cat who was in its 20’s. The family mentioned that they wanted a pet old so that they can give love to the cat in its ending years of life.

The cat named Dexter was very happy to be adopted and find love it never had and carved a place and memory in the owner’s heart after it left the world.

It all began when a best friend of the family got an email asking for urgent foster home for some kittens. The family who already had several pets were confused how they will be managing a new member in their pet family.

Jil went to the cat care home and saw number of cats were waiting to be adopted. At first, she wanted to adopt tiny cat but looking at Dexter she immediately decided to adopt it as her heart was fully stolen by the looks of Dexter.

Dexter was continuously meowing looking at Jil and came cuddling between her legs. Caressing Dexter, Jil said Alright I will take you home.

After she decided to adopt Dexter, she called for a family meeting to explain the situation and to decide on ground rules for the future. Her two children’s also liked Dexter on first go.

The whole family didn’t consider Dexter as old cat but as a friend and new they have to take extra care of the old cat.

Anyway, they adopted the old cat, but they had to keep it separate as they were unsure of how the dog will react to the new feline member.

At first Dexter would come at the door and put its paws beneath the door. All the dogs were really intrigued by Dexter, and they never looked agitated or hostile towards the poor cat.

Flora a 140-pound dog was in particularly very interested in Dexter as he always came to look who is behind the door.

All the dogs finally got acquainted with dexter and started getting along very seamlessly.

The family were very impressed the way dogs have mingled with Dexter. They were surprised to see all the dogs slept with Dexter.

This old cat experienced love of lifetime in just few months left of its life. Dexter experienced love and adventure with the whole family for two years with good health.