A very young Lynx was rejected by her mother and left alone in the zoo. One of the staff brought a cat who has recently delivered kittens to Lynx cub. The cat showed no deference and adopted the baby lynx as her own kid. As soon as she saw the young lynx alone and dejected her mother instinct kicked in and started grooming it like her own baby.


Afterall the baby lynx deserves to be loved at such an young age.



It is very disheartening to see any young creature in such a situation where a baby is being left without a motherly love. It is very fascinating to see the mother love also exist in animals and it is no deferent there also.



It was the zoo workers idea to bring the lynx cub and newly mother cat together so that both can have a each other and grow in a positive environment with love and care. As he thought the things will fold, it exactly happened in same way as the mother cat took the baby lynx and started giving her motherly love.



The baby lynx was named Nika and is growing healthy under her mother cat. he is getting all the care and grooming from its mother.

He was lucky enough to get the motherly love which everyone deserves.