A cat was located on one of the conveyor belt which was headed straight to industrial compactor at a recycling factory in California, USA . It was rescued and was saved from being crushed in compactor.

Tony Miranda was shifting through the recycling when he first saw something wriggling between the trash on the conveyor belt and decided to stop the conveyor. Later Tony conveyed that it was very unusual to spot cat in the trash. He has spotted so many unusual things but finding cat in trash was something made his day.

The journey of cat to the conveyor belt was incredible. She was brought by a garbage truck and later was put in the conveyor by trash carrying tractor. She was dumped from one belt to other before spotted by Tony.

Tony further added that he took the cat to the line supervisor. The news then spread to the whole factory that a cat was rescued from conveyor by Tony.

Many employees have said that the time the cat was discovered it was announced in radio. Everybody thought it was unbelievable and everyone wanted to see it.