As human we are the most sociable animal, known for sharing love and companionship with people around us. We can form deep bond with any creature on earth. But when it comes to dog, it is the most special bond we share compared to any other animals.



And here is the story that truly depict that bond, the celebration of 89th birthday of grandma with her furry pets. The photos are so adorable that when left on internet it spread within no time overwhelming the hearths of people around the world especially pet lovers.



The dogs celebrated the birthday of their grandma were not just pet but her own family member. It is said so as they never left side of grandma even in thin and thick time and showering their love and care for her. And on her birthday, they went beyond and made the day for grandma.


It is well known that pets are our best friend giving us companionship, love, care and entertainment. But when it comes to elderly people the pets are so important as they feel lonely and isolated most of the time. So, the pet plays a very important part in their life mainly keeping them engaged and feel love all the time.

This birthday celebration also provides us with insight on how pets are integral part of or life. The unconditional love that pet shows us reminds us of their importance in our life. The bond of love brings a sense of purpose in our life.