A turtle was attacked by a 5m long very poisonous snake. As soon as turtle saw the snake, in fear it first retreated its head inside its shell for safety. The attack was so unreal that one can’t believe it if it was not captured by a camera.

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As we know that a turtle has a protective shell on its body to save it from predators, same obstructed the snake to capture its prey. This made the snake very furious, and it decided to go directly inside the turtle’s shell. But this tactic of snake goes other way round and the head of the snake got stuck in the shell.

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As it goes by the saying that the venomous snake is the ultimate predator having very few enemies of its own, while turtle is very gentle, slow and only protected by its shell. So, the duet between them was not very competitive in nature and it was obvious that snake was going to win.


The fight went other way round. Snake’s head was stuck and was suffering in pain and continuously wagging its tail to get it free from the shell but in vain.

This was the end of the war, as snake somehow was able to free its head and immediately retreated and flee from the scene in fear. This taught snake a lesson not to attack turtle in future. The turtle shell has two-way protection, hart and sturdy from outside and ribs and spine from inside make a dangerous combination. Its very hard for any predators to take down turtle as its shell is so thick and hard which makes it invasive.