Jason Ellis, a 33-year-old K9 officer was martyred in an ambush. Thousands of people along with his police crew attended the funeral in rural Kentuckey late last week to pay homage to the veteran.

Fido, Elli’s dog was also one among them who put his paw on the closed casket. The moment was captured by the photographer Jonathan.











Fido was not with Ellis om 25th May when he was shot multiple times on highway.











Manny of his fellow K-9 officers attended the funeral and most heart wrenching moment was when his canine was hauling loudly from the cruisers.



The troop present there jerked to attention while guard of honor. With that around 60 police dogs barked with the sound of 21-gun salute at the ceremony. The Bradstown Police Chief Rick vowed to Ellis to chase down the killer.



Police Chief McCubbin shared his last word saying ” I am your chief, Jason, but you are our hero, and you need to know that this chief will not back down. Jason, my friend, rest easy. We’ve got it from here.”. Ellis left back his wife and two boys, Hunter, 7, and Parker, 6. The Chief conveyed to his family ” He paid the ultimate sacrifice doing what he loved, being a police officer.”