In this materialistic world where everyone carving for beauty finds a story of weird looking cat which got through all types of humiliation finally finds a person who loved him unconditionally.

The cat goes by the name Valentino considered itself unluckiest as she never had human pamper in his life. She was ridden by a rare disease called sarcoptic mange which is highly infectious at can affect both animal and human. The cat looked weird as his eyes were caked and swollen.

Once Elaine Seamans was passing by the cage of Valentino heard the cat’s plea for help at the Baldwin park animal shelter. She recalls that as she passed by the cage, she heard a very faint meow. Looking to the cat felt she was shouting for help “please take me” but it was just his curious eyes that melted my heart in that moment only.

She just stood there and looked at the cat affectionately and was moved by the cat’s gesture. She felt instant connection with the cat.

She came close to the cage and put her hand inside, touched the cat with immense affection, the only thing that the cat was seeking for a long time.

The cat responded positively by putting her head on her hand and caressing it. It was very touching moment for both of them. And that was the moment she decided to take the cat with her.

She then called the owner of the Leave No Paws Behind while holding the cat and conveyed her feeling to adopt the cat. The next day Valentino was picked by Wisneski and taken to the vet facility were he got his treatment. Valentino’s world was going to be changed.

Elaine was now confident to take Valentino in and she was compassionate enough to hold and embrace a mange-infected cat near to her heart,