Many times we have heard about stories about the aliens but there has been no confirmation regarding their presence on Earth as the government agencies don’t prefer to talk on this issue on public platforms.

However, there have been instances when unidentified objects (UFOs) and strange creatures have been witnessed by people and one family in Chicago has also come across something strange which seems to belong from another planet.

They found this alien creature in the bushes and it gave an impression in the beginning that it is a caterpillar but when the family members had a close look than they found it that it is an unusual creature with six hands. They also felt that it is a Mothman but after having a close look, they felt that they are looking at an alien and not on any living being which is from Earth.

This discovery has certainly excited those who are interesting in gaining knowledge about the aliens but many feel that this mothman type creature which has been found in Chicago is a plastic toy and not a real alien. However, some incidents have taken place which indicate towards the existence of aliens and here is a video which give you an insight in this matter:

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What do you think, what is this creature, do let us know.

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