Civets and snakes are natural enemy in the wild. The civet killed the poisonous snake on the tree with ease. the people who watched the sight were startled by the way the civet killed the snake.



Snakes are considered as one of the greatest predators in the wild but the footage left many in surprise as the hunter became pray. The civet was lucky enough to kill the predator on the tree itself.



The snakes are stronger and are added with its venom which can bring chill to any creature but in this fight the victory came to civet. Spotting the snake at the end of the branch the civet attacked the snake and hold it strongly and firmly.



Sensing the danger, the snake tried its best to get it free from the firm clutches of civet but in vain. The civet had his firm hold on snake and was determined to have snake as today’s meal.

The mongoose was in strong position and was striking continuous blow on the snake head. Finally, he was able pierce its sharp teeth in snake’s head and this fatal blow killed the snake.



This dramatic and exiting fight between mongoose and snake was captured by South African photographer Elana Erasmus in Etosha National Park, Namibia.