It really amazing to see an animal giving birth to pts young one. And when it’s about a snake giving birth, it makes one very curious about it. In general, all reptiles lay egg but not in a case of rattle snake as it is an ovoviviparous which instead of laying egg gives birth to a baby like mammals.

The video shows the rare glimpse of a rattle snake giving birth to its young one. This footage was shot in wild by a team of snake experts who were studying the life of rattle snake. The team were monitoring a pregnant rattle snake for few weeks for capturing the process of birth of the snake. When the right time was around, they set up all the necessary equipment around its habitat and waited to capture the process of birth.

As we can see in the video the rattle snake lay on its side and showing the sign of pain which is natural in case of giving birth. the baby comes out from the snake part called cloaca. In no time the first baby emerged and slowly came out from the cloaca followed by few more babies. It was so fascinating to see the babies wiggling around after birth.

As all the babies were out with a thin layer around their body the mother snake started removing the covering one by one using her mouth. This is an important step after birth as the membrane can suffocate the babies if left for long time.

This informative video throws a light on the birth process of rattle snakes. Being informative it is also very amazing to watch such type of video as it is a very rare view to see.

The question is why rattle snake being a reptile gives birth to young ones like mammal? The answer lies in the environment they live in which is very harsh and desert like. So, it’s difficult for the eggs to survive. There by adaptation rattle snake as developed a birth giving mechanism which is easier for the baby to survive then an egg.

In conclusion its very rare to see such videos which throws a light in the behavior and life of rattle snake. It’s even helpful for research work for scientist and researchers to study the reproductive system and adaptation in such animals. It also shows that our nature is full of diversity and complexity which is very fascinating and also at the same time informitive..