A red-haired kitten was roaming around the street in a very poor health condition. It caught attention of a nearby neighbor who picked her and safely shifted her to the Human Society of Arizona.

The rescue operation is carried by Human Society of Arizona throughout the year. But this rescue of Redhair cat proved somewhat special. She was now called Joei.

The kitten had a deformity, her front limb was not completely formed yet she was very live and friendly kitty.

The caretaker took her to vet for proper examination, there they got to know about her issue. She was born with a rare disease called radial dysplasia, a congenital condition.

This disorder causes irregular growth of limbs. More precisely the bones of upper extremities grow shorter or do not grow at all.

In case of Joei the condition was somewhat different with a very little front leg although she had claws. She was unable to walk, even unable to stand.

Fortunately, her rear legs were fully formed. Joei was active all the time moving, jumping all over the place, winning heart of all the volunteer present there.

The volunteers at the Human Society of Arizona were afraid of the thought that Joei won’t be able to get any foster parents due to her disability. But somehow, they knew that no one would reject her as she was so charming and adorable. The wait finally over when a lady came to adopt her.

It was at her first sight that she decided to adopt the ginger cat. It was love at first sight and took her to her home the very same day.

Joei didn’t take much time to adjust to her new home. She soon mingled well with Cortney her Foster mother. She began hopping all around the place from room to room up and down the stairs were her daily activity. She never let her disability come on her way and never stop trying new things.

Joei was one of a hell cat as she was one of the most active cats ever. Even though she has only two legs, she jumps Prity high says Cortney.

Cortney gifted her a cart which helped her mobility easy. Now she can go outside on a walk and was able impress on goers with her dynamic personality.

She was so charming that she took no time to attract people around her. Everyone was always fond of her. She even like other cats and dogs whom she met. She flaunts herself love being center of attraction and always seek to receive attention of everyone.