A video of a snake attacking folks of birds making round in internet left many in disbelief. it is seen very clearly in the video that a snake is crawling up a coconut tree and hunts birds successfully. The birds went motionless as soon as the snake’s venom started showing results.

In next frame it is very clearly seen that the snake is bringing its pray down the tree. In few scene its appears that the snake is being attacked by another bird but in reality, it was other way round. This snake attack video captures the attention of lots of viewers around the world.

The video showcases some rare footage of hunting behavior of snake. Snakes are one of the ace predators in animal kingdom ad this video is testimony of its ability to hunt furiously. It also shows step by step procedure of hunting action of snake i.e. it patiently waited for its pray and then strikes with it with lightning speed.

The coconut tree is a natural habitat for many birds and the snake took advantages of the branches of tree to strike the bird mare quickly and stealthily.

There is contradictory in views among viewers around the internet about the ethics of filming this kind of videos and posting it. One section believes that its important to show such kind of videos as it showcases the natural behavior of animals whereas others say that its cruelty to film such videos and share it.

However whatsoever the view, this video has become sensational and liked by many around the internet as it shows the hunting ability of snakes and importance of respecting the natural environment.

In conclusion, this video shows the natural behavior of snake who hunts for living. Even if the views are divided on ethic ground, this video shows nature as it is and make us aware and educated about the hunting ability of snake.