Everyone must have recognized horse as a beast with beauty. Horse is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful animals which mesmerize us with their spectacular looks.

But among them Tattoo is a leopard color Appaloosa horse whose patches same as leopard make stunning appearance before our eyes. Come with us into the life of horse named Tattoo.

One of my friends who was doing intern in a breeding stable gave me a complete experience he had there. He was given task of keeping eye on mares who were pregnant and keep notes. There was total five mares who were ready to give birth that spring. He used to spend lot of time with them keeping close watch on them, monitoring their behavior and to check the sign of labor.

Tattoo mother gave birth to him on May 18th. He was just 1 hour old and totally socked in ammonic fluid and was struggling to stand. He was a quick learner and was able to stand and started to feed from his mother. Gradually he grew as a healthy horse of six months old and was ready to be sold.

It was bought by my friend’s parent only. My friend was so happy to have Tattoo with him.

We used to play, ride and took care of tattoo. Tattoo was very active and one of the noisiest horses I ever seen. Whenever he touches something with his nose will definitely enter into it. He always chases me and roam around me. He does racing with his pasture mate.