Here is a story of a cat who was born with four years and two primary and two supportive and lost one eye to operation and still looks so cute. Fighting all his ailment the cat is a winner.

Franki the cats name given by its owner when he was born with a sibling was considered abnormal with four eyer and a damaged eye.



Frankie was taken well care by his foster. he was loved and fed well. He got maximum care and love than his brother due to obvious reason. after several weeks he was transferred to the animal shelter for medication and rehoming.



In the shelter he got all the medical care. his eyes was infected and it was getting worse day by day. So the doctor decided to operate before the infection become fatal. So he lost his right eye to infection.



Apart from mention deformity Frankie was suffering from few more of them. He had a very large overbite which caused his face look angular. Also, he had a joint issue in knee of the hind leg which reduced his motion with splay legged.



His ailment has consumed lot of money which was bear by foster house. the angular face didn’t allowed Frankie to eat wet food and needed a jaw setting surgery also his knee needed surgery to make him walk properly.



Frankie was lucky enough to be adopted by a cat lover Anderson who bought him and took Frankie to his house. Franki got connected with Anderson and started exploring his new home. It didn’t take much time for Anderson to realize that Franki is not an ordinary cat. He was unique in his own way.



Anderson says that Frankie is a very special cat. his four ears are for purpose. The front two little ears are for direction stimulus.



still Frankie had a lot of challenges to face. His one eye was unable to perform properly at night. His angular jaw prevented him from eating wet food as he couldn’t be able to hold wet food. He only survives on dry food.



Other than that, he is enjoying his live with Anderson. With lots of love and care Frankie is able to cope with all the extreme challenges he has to face every day.