Around the world people are engaged in raising different kind of animals as their pets. But one of the most fascinating among them are raising snakes. However, raising poisonous snake is not that everyone does.

This video is all about an Indian man who raised different kind of snakes from around the world.

The video shows the man is raising some of the most venomous snake around the world likes of cobras and vipers. The man seems to be very experienced in handling snakes. However, raising and handling poisonous snake should be done by only professionals as it can be dangerous to one’s life.

The man in the video claims that it’s his passion to raise different kind of snakes. He loves challenges of facing such animals. The danger that comes with raising snakes is what he takes it as a challenge. Although he maintains ought most safety while dealing with snakes and never in his life is beaten by any snake.

Even though he takes safety very seriously but it’s still a very risky hobby to pursue. Even the most experienced and professionals can by chance make mistakes and can cause life threatening situation. Snake’s bites are very lethal, and it’s not recommended to carry out snake rearing as a hobby.

In many countries keeping snake as pet is illegal. Keeping snake as pet can be dangerous to the owner as well as to the people near them. keeping snake as a pet should be left to professionals who have that particular set of skills, knowledge and equipment to handle these types of animals.

In conclusion, taming snake is not a regular hobby, it should be perused by only professional’s as it can be life threatening. Although it’s fascinating to see people rearing snakes but people with knowledge, proper training and all sets of equipment’s should pursue this kind of hobby.