Hollywood’s legend actor Arnold introduced his new puppy dog “Schnitzel” to his 22million Instagram followers created instant sensation throughout his fans. He mentioned that the name of puppy dog was his favourite Austrian dish Schnitzel.



He posted a pic in which he was seen cuddling his pet with a caption ” I told my newsletter subscriber last week and now it’s time to introduce the new member of the family to all.”

He mentioned that he got this little pup for Christmas and named it after his favorite Austrian dish and his own surname, and she is such a sweet little meatball.



Other favorite pets possessed by Terminator star includes a jackass named LULU, an atomic steed Whiskey, and Tykes Dutch Pate and Cherry. And now Schnitzel is added to the list.

Arnie has mentioned that these all his favorite pets have made his covid time easy. They helped me lot during pandemic as they were there to play with me, made me laugh and love them.




They were like a remedy during covid time. I had lot of free time during covid and had spent a lot more time with them playing, laughing. Being there for them was so blissful.