The sight that causes panic among locals and fisherman also raised curiosity on internet when its pic was circulated recently. Thousands of eggs like structure were scattered on the beach sparked speculation that the phenomenon is extraterrestrial.



The incident reported that thousands of eggs were found on a beach in a remote location. It was one of its kind not seen before. The eggs were around 8 cm in diameter and looked translucent. The sight was very bizzare and stunned many onlookers.

The discovery has created lot of buzz in in scientist community as its origin is yet to be found. Spaculation is that it may be some marine animal’s egg.



If rumors are to be believed, then the eggs may belong to a new species of jellyfish or may a from a new species of reptile or fish which is yet to be discovered. The testing work is in progress and scientist are working hard to know its origin.

Many people who have watched it closely are claiming that it could be some extraterrestrial phenomenon which humans are unknown of. As there is limited or no idea about the origin of eggs anything is possible. Nothing can be ruled out yet as there is no official announcement about this incident.



Amid all speculation the sight is very strange for everybody who watches it. It’s popularity on the internet is gaining speed. Whatever it maybe it has opened the space of discussion that how vast our oceans are and how little we know about it.