It will bring smile to your face when you look at the kitten emotion of going to a permanent home.



Rescuing an animal is the most noble act and the realization of love towards the will fill your heart with happiness.

Zilara an animal lover shared a picture of kitten which was rescued by his brother. The picture itself is so cute but the curtness in the cats’ eyes is something like a bliss in the heart. The shows some emotion as if she is grateful to the man who rescued her and will be forever in his arms as she feels protected.



Look how happy the cat is in the care of loving human. This is the expression these animals show when they get love and care.



Even though animal can’t speak but they show their love and emotion through their eyes and action they perform with you. What a loving and cute picture. Very lively as if the cat is saying something to you.



After they brought to their home, they named it Kaya. Zilara’s brother and sister immediately bonded with the cat and the cat loved their company. The brother was so fond of Kaya that they seemed inseparable.



Kara has grown bigger now and has carved a space in home and in hearts of the people. She is leading a very wholesome life leaving behind her traumatic past.