In jungle the most terrifying animals are predators. And among all predators snake as carved its own niche. Snake can be fierce and powerful as well. Python is one of them. The giant snake is well known for its ability to swallow its prey whole. It is also known for swallowing some of the largest animals on earth. No one can match this ability.

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Recently a video was going round of a python swallowing a goat as if it’s a cup of tea. The python is seen wrapping around the goat, squeezing it and galloping it whole. Even the goat looks the same size of python, but it had no chance escaping the hold of python.

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One can imagine how with such a small mouth a python can swallow such a large animal. It is known that python has an ability to stretch its jaw to an enormous size allowing it to swallow prey larger than its own size. once the prey in inside the python’s stomach it uses its another ability to squeeze it withs its strong muscles and crush it down to smaller pieces to digest it.

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Its horrific to watch such scene but that’s the law of nature. Python is known as apex predator which plays an important role in ecosystem by consuming these animals to maintain balance in nature.

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Although it’s a fierce animal but it’s known for its mild nature, so they are often kept as pets.

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For many of us this video of python swallowing a full goat can be shocking, but this only follows the law of nature. They are apex predator evolved over a million of year and has great responsibility to maintain balance in nature and protect our ecosystem.