The fate would have different for these poor helpless puppies if the little boy would not have jumped into sewer for rescue.



One of the day when a Thai citizen named Saruchet was heading towards market he heard some squawking sound coming from somewhere through the ground. He attempted to trace the sound and found that its from the sewer hole whose lid was wide open.

Investigating he found that there were several puppies trapped in the slush of sewer covered with mud and looking very helpless. Initially it looked like five puppies as there seemed to be five tails.



He first planed for the action to be taken to rescue the puppies. He decided to go inside himself and rescue those helpless puppies who were in dire need of help.



He alone went for the rescue. The puppies were totally submerged in slush and one by one he picked them up and put it outside dry place.



The sweet puppy would have drowned in the sewer if the boy would have not saved them on time. The puppies were covered with thick dirt and mud unrecognizable.



After rescuing them the boy took it to his adobe and spent his entire afternoon cleaning them and helping the puppies with their needs. The family of the boys also helped with the rescued puppies.



To their surprise the puppies after washing looked so healthy and beautiful that they were lucky to find them. then were given to animal care and are now looking for good family to adopt them.