Dog rescued Blind old women who was lying unconscious by the river.

Dog is a very fascinating animal. It shows multiple characteristics. Dogs are loving, caring are loyal to humans and what not. They are the best friend of human and are very protective towards them.

The picture above shows that two dogs are in guarding position. They are protecting a old women who seems to be lying unconscious beside the river.



In the closeup pic a dog is sitting beside a old grandmother watching for her while in the wider view another dog is seen taking guard from a distance.



It was found later that the woman was blind and may with the lack of sight she must have reached there. The women was found to be unconscious all wet with mud and water. The dogs found her first and went there and stood guarding her.



The dogs are inborn protector. So, whenever they something danger their first instinct raises them for protecting human around them. many instances have been reported from around the world about this protective nature of dog.