A pair of water thick knees attacked a huge monitor lizard in order to protect its eggs in the nest.



A man enjoying his vacation in a resort in Malelane got this unforgettable sight from his room. suddenly he spotted something unusual was going on near the river embarkment beside the sand bank.



A large monitor lizard was trying to invade the habitat of water thick knees. The birds seem uncomfortable by his presence.

Monitor lizard are carnivorous and its diet includes insects, mammals to birds. Eggs are their favorite, So, they are often seen invading birds’ nest for their favorite food.



Water thick knees birds are generally found in Africa, Southern Asia and Australia. They are often seen near a river or other water bodies. They have very loud piercing call and are among fiercely protecting birds. They make their nest on grounds and take turns in incubating eggs.



They attacked the lizard from both sides very fiercely taking no chance. They never gave up and constantly attacked the lizard to protect its egg from the predator. They showed no fear and were adamant to protect its egg.



Getting continious attack from the birds the lizard finally gave up. It ran away in opposite direction and never came back.

It was a very incredible sight. And watching things happening in wild can teach you so many things. With the right attitude and a keen eye to look for can give you a lifetime experience in jungle safari.