Crows are among the most common species of birds which we see around us in our daily lives but it is rarely seen that they are kept as pets by human beings and the reason behind it is their eating habits. Crows are mainly scavengers who survive on the left overs which means they eat almost anything from food leftovers to flesh of human or animal but in an unusual sighting a person saw crows killing multiple piglets.

A group of crows is called as murder of crows and Mavis Crundwell, the 83-year-old retired secretary was not able to believe what she saw in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa during the solo safari. She saw that a murder of crows was attacking warthog piglets while the warthog mother was trying her best to save her young ones from the crows. Mavis Crundwell shared the incident on a WhatsApp group titled as the Latest Sightings Pilanesberg.

Mavis was shocked to see such a thing happening in front of her eyes as she felt that hunger must have compelled the murder of crows to take lives of young warthog piglets. She saw that the crows were very aggressive and they were not relenting even when the warthog pig mother was making all the efforts to save her young ones.

Mavis Crundwell left the scene thinking as to how crows can do such a thing with young piglets even when their mother is present over there.

Mavis stated that she soon returned to the crime scene and saw that crows were trying to harm a young piglet who wanted to be united with her mother but at that time it was hiding inside a burrow in order to save itself from the ferocious and attacking crows.

Warthog pigs are considered as good guardians in the African jungles as they keep their young ones in the burrows for the purpose of saving them from the predators but this Warthog pig mother was not able to save her three piglets from the crows.

However, fortunately one young piglet of this Warthog pig mother was saved and Mavis Crundwell left both of them across the road hoping that the murder of crows won’t go that side. Later on, a photographer arrived and captured the mother piglet and young piglet getting reunited.

Have you ever seen any such thing happening around you, if yes do share with us.

Source: GoPlusNews