A Dalmatian puppy survived from a dog meat slaughterhouse after its two front legs were chopped off.

A lifetime dog lover Misha Hunt from South Carolina adopted a three-year-old abused pup Emma Roo on 26th April 2020.

The abuse on the dog was brutal. It was rescued from a slaughterhouse in Xian, China in 2017. Her front leg was cut off and tips of her ears were shaved off also part of her tail was missing.



It was heartbreaking to see her condition when she was just eight weeks old.


This sweet pup was initially abandoned by its owner as she had a small toe defect which landed her in slaughterhouse. Later after rescue she found a very loving family in South Carolina to take care of her.


Dog lover Misha Hunt from Charleston found Emma on a website and immediately decided to adopt her.


After Emma was abandoned by her owner due to toe defect, she somehow reached vet where she was examined. She got her first home where she resided for two years and unfortunately again landed in clinic in 2019.

Then she was rescued by an organized rescue group based in South Florida which is also active in chine. From their website Misha came in contact with Emma and instantly decided to adopt her.


Misha came to know about some of Emma’s behavior fear. She explains that Emma is very fearful of chainsaw like sound. She gets scared listening to sound of hair drier, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner.

She also found some missing toes from her back legs which is a birth defect the reason for which she was abandoned.

She mentions that when she first brought Emma at her home, she was very terrified and screamed at top of her lungs whenever she left the room. She is very protective of her food and toys.



Misha bought her wheels and prosthetic and regularly takes her for therapy which has completely change Emma’s life.



Now Emma loves to be with Misha and enjoying her life. Misha made her life completely changed. This is how a dog lover can totally transform the life of an abandoned dog.