The Dog undoubtedly was as brave as solider and was awarded with highest honor received by a canine.

The dog named Kuno was assisting its troop in an ambush with the rebels. The rebels started open firing and hurled grenades after grenades which left the troop immobilize. The smart dog realized this and charged the rebels to foil their attack strategy.

In spite of bullets being fired toward him he charged them and got injured with few bullets striking its back legs making severe damage. The dog proved itself brave and awarded with a bravery medal which it flaunts and walks with prosthetic leg.

Kuno was the 72nd animal that was awarded with the Dickin by the British Army in 2016 for his brave action that went beyond the call of duty.

He is being admired by many people who hails his bravery. He retired with flying color. The dedication he showed toward his troop and country will be remembered forever.

He was adopted and lived a retired life with love from his family.