There have been very few instances of friendship between monkey and dog, in fact couple of years back in a district in Maharashtra, a brawl took place between monkeys and dogs which resulted in the death of more than 200 puppies and dogs. It is being said that monkeys took puppies on the top of the trees and buildings and threw them from there as they were avenging the death of a baby monkey who was mauled by a group of stray dogs.

However, a rare incident has been witnessed in Kareli town, Prayagraj, where a monkey is getting all the attention of the people as he is taking a good care of a weak black puppy just like his own baby. The monkey is seen holding the puppy tightly in his arms all the time and he is having no problem in doing his regular work such as jumping, running, etc.

What is surprising is the fact that the puppy hasn’t shown any signs which gives impression that he wants to run away from his adoptive father.

Initially people thought that monkey is just having some fun with the weak puppy but soon they all understood that he is taking care of the puppy like a father and people start giving food to both of them.

Some people even like to get clicked with unusual pair of monkey and puppy.

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