Every fisherman dream is to catch a big fish. Think of it if any time it catches a totally unexpected looking fish what will be the feel of the fisherman. The same thing happened with a US marine fisherman who unexpectedly caught a huge blue fish with a strange mouth.


The incident occurred in Japan sea where a fisherman was out for regular fishing hoping to catch some tuna. He felt that he got something big, so he started towing his net and to his surprise it was a huge fish. More to the incident it turned out to be a huge blue fish which he has never seen and was stunned by the catch. The body of the fish had blue tint but what surprised him was the face of the fish which he had never seen in his life.



The fish face looked cartoonish. It had a round face with mouth looks like it is smiling and two very small eyes on either side of the head. It felt very strange and for few minutes he panicked. After he took some pictures of the fish and let it go back in the water.

The pics were incredible and went viral within fem hours in social media. Many comments flooded, with some saying it is anglerfish while some thought it might be goblin shark. While the final verdict came from marine biologist who mentioned that the fish was actually a species of sunfish goes by the name Mola Mola.



Sun fish are very fascinating species which can grow up to 10 feet and weigh over 5000 pounds. They are generally harmless fish and feed upon jellyfish. They are unique in appearance with an elongated flat body with dorsal fins.

Sun fishes are very rare to spot as they are deep water fish. The fisherman was lucky to catch it and had some pic to share with the world.