There are times when you see dogs getting royal treatment from their owners, the dogs are loved and pampered by their owners but not every dog is lucky like them. On one hand, you see dogs being treated as a member of the family by humans and on other hand, you see puppies like Ayla suffering from pain, skin diseases, etc.


Today we are going to share story of Ayla who was just 2.5 months old when she was founded by Krista and when Krista founded Ayla, the latter was shivering, crawling, suffering from mange and was hungry as well. Krista didn’t delayed in taking Ayla to the veterinary doctor and got her thoroughly checked, as per the doctor the health condition of Ayla was pretty bad, she had eaten a stone, she was calcium deficient because of which both her front legs were deformed because of which she had to crawl on the floor.

There were severe abrasion on Ayla’s body because of crawling but the good thing was that the X-ray reports have confirmed that no bones of her have been fractured which gives a hope that she will able to walk after treatment.

Ayla was fed and she also had a sunbath, though she looked a little happy but she was still itching because of mange. Next day, some tests including the blood tests were carried out and as per the reports, there were no severe problems other than mange and deficiency of calcium and nutrition.

The veterinary doctor gave calcium supplement to Ayla and also bandaged her in order to treated her deformities. As per the medical experts, it will take around 3 months for her to recover and we wish that Ayla get fine as soon as possible.

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