Three clever dogs united and found a way to steel food placed on high kitchen counter.

This interesting video was recorded by Ms. Line Fatland, a professional dog trainer from Norway when she accidentally came across when her three pet dogs were stealing food in very smart way.



She has three dogs and among them Hugo a corgi dog is the smallest one just 8 months old. Due to its height it never able to reach the high kitchen counter where all the food stuffs are placed. But nothing is impossible if one has good friends. So with the help of other two dogs which are broader Collie dogs, Harley and Henry, Hugo was able to climb up the counter and munched its favorite dish placed on it.



This smart act of the pet dogs was recorded by Ms. Fatland and shared to Instagram and mentioned that it was very interesting to see the dogs used their intelligence to grab food. But after posting this video a thought came across Ms. Fatland that we all need to come together to achieve our goals. This incident teaches us about the strength in unity.