Felis Salamandra is a very rare and a new breed of cat recently found in deep valley somewhere in Asia that are inhabitant for humans. The picture of this cat is gaining popularity among different section of people around the world which appears very cute and unique.


Diwous on Twitter: "Serpens Cattus (hadí kočka) Nejvzácnější kočkovitý druh na Zemi. Žije v odlehlých oblastech Amazonie. Dorůstá až 50 cm a váží až 4 kg. Poprvé vyfocena teprve v roce 2020.


It is very similar to the Bengal cats in agility and in wilderness it is one of the most dangerous predators. It is very flexible and strong and can jump up to a height of 3 meters.



The cat feeds on small animals like mouse, rabbit, snake, birds etc. Its attractive looks come from its jet black color coat patched with yellow color. As its looks suggest it extremely dangerous with its long sharp claws and super-fast reflexes.

Felis Salamandra is a very rare and endangered species of cat which are found in small groups. Its conservation is very important or else we will lose one more very attractive species from the earth.



The task has been undertaken by group of scientists who are looking for ways to conserve and preserve this rare breed of cat. They are looking for some farm to raise this kind and maintain its breed. Ther are preserving its genetic codes and also doing research to protect and multiply them, so they are prevented from extinction.



Felis Salamandra is very unique breed of cat which are rare to find. Its appealing looks and agile nature has made many of us love the cat. We are lucky enough to see this cat in our lifetime. Moreover, it is very important to protect this breed from getting extinct.


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Felis Salamandra is a very unique and attractive cat with some eye-catching patterns that deserves our attention to protect it from extinction.